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Sonatina for Dizi Quintet

Instrumentation: Bangdi, 2 Qudi, Xindi, Dadi

Duration: 5’ 10”

Written for Singapore dizi group Dicapella, this piece is divided into three sections: a slow middle section surrounded by two outer fast sections. Opening with a vibrant theme, the melody is exchanged between the bangdi, qudi, and xindi before returning back to the opening theme again. After a short interlude played solo by the dadi, a mellower and quieter section follows, wherein the melody is taken up by the bangdi and the xindi. A faster passage rapidly leads back to a reiteration of the first section, with the piece concluding loudly in a bang. 

(Synopsis taken from the programme notes of the premiere performance)

The piece received its Singaporean premiere (given by the Dicapella Dizi Ensemble) at the Esplanade Concourse in June 2016, before being performed by the same group in the same month in Guangxi and Shanghai. These performances were part of a music exchange concert titled "南洋笛韵梦江南“, which took place during the China ASEAN Music Week 2016.

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