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Piece for Organ and Trumpet

Instrumentation: Organ, Trumpet

Duration: 3’

Starting with a dialogue between the two instruments, the piece is generally underpinned by a recurring theme similar to the ritornelli of the 18th-century concerto grosso. While the trumpet comes out more in the main theme, the instruments take on more equal conversational roles in the sections between the ritornelli, with much of the musical material being derived from the main theme. The silvery registration of the organ complements the brass timbre of the trumpet, providing a timbral as well as antiphonal contrast.

The work was premiered in August 2017 at the Victoria Concert Hall by the composer and trumpeter Lau Wen Rong. In 2021, Samuel Phua recorded a version of the piece on soprano saxophone in Finland, accompanied by Anni Nousiainen on the organ.      

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