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Elegy for Violin, Piano, and String Quartet 

Instrumentation: Violin, Piano, String Quartet

Duration: 6’

Written at the behest of violinist Yang Shuxiang, this single-movement starter piece serves to introduce the musicians of the performance. At its heart is the melody of the solo violin, which is surrounded by constant interaction between the string quartet and piano. As directed by the expression marking ‘Comme une étoile du soir’ (‘Like an Evening Star’), the lone violin melody is shrouded in an atmospheric application of the other instruments that serve to create a nocturnal feel to the music – a night with an aura that is alternatively subdued and intense.

(Synopsis taken from the programme notes of the premiere performance)

As stated above, the premiere, taking place at Esplanade Recital Studio in August 2014, was led by Yang, alongside the pianist Esther Ning Yau and a string quartet comprising of Alan Choo (violin 1), Gabriel Lee (violin 2), Jeremy Chiew (viola), and Cho Hang-Oh (violoncello). The composer page-turned for the pianist - and plucked the final chord of the piece.                            

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